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Vertical Three-Tier Parking System RP7004-3

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  1. This model is suitable for being built outdoors and the foundation pit should be digged. The floors and post structure should be erected underground.
  2. There's no steel structure building on the ground, which will not interfere with visual sense or keep out day lighting of the nearby buildings.
  3. .The front of the equipment must be the driveway which the driver could drive the car along and park it on the steel plate.
  4. The upper, middle and lower steel plates of every set of equipment are a whole and lift simultaneously

  1) When the equipment falls to the ground level, the upper steel plate runs parallel with the ground, achieving access to cars.

  2) When the middle steel plate is parallel with the ground, the equipment stops and the middle steel plate achieves access to cars.

  3) When the equipment reaches the top, the lower steel plate is parallel with the ground, achieving access to cars. Optional 24V electrical locking release for customer safety.

  1. Multiple security detection devices are configured in order to ensure the  safe and reliable operation.

 1)Anti-fall device

       2)Alarm device for preventing people or vehicle from mistakenly entering

 3)Alarm device for prevention of over-height and overlength of vehicles

4)Low-voltage, lack-phase, over-current and overload protection device

5)Power-off self-locking protection device

 6)Emergency stop button device. Parachute valve in every cylinder provide extra hydraulic safety.

  1. Driven by motor chain, the equipment can operate smoothly.