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RP-1401 Alignment Scissor Lift

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Net weight:2000

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● Super low profile design and perfect for surface mounted, suitable for surface installation.
● The two-cylinder structure makes the minimum height of 210mm become true.
● Ideal for wheel alignment, body service and other repair work.
● The jacking beam for has a maximum lifting height of 350mm and extensible platforms allowing for long vehicles.
● Screw-up pad, Horizontal type pad and Short sleeve pad optional.
● Single platform leveling system makes leveling operation easier and ensures the synchronization.
● With high quality anti-surge valve and Italian ball valve.
● The mechanical safety lock automatically engaged when rising.
● Pneumatic release system decreases noise emitted during service work.
● 24V safety control operation system.
● It has been proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% of rated capacity.