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RP-2107 Truck Tire Changer

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RP2107  is an efficient electro-hydraulic-powered tire changer which combines a range of unique features and capabilities to make wheel service for trucks, buses, tractors and other specialized machineries faster, easier and more profitable.
● Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque and wheel holding power.
● Self-centering hydraulic clamping chuck.
● Heavy, tapered roller bearings, and a dual direction hydraulic motor provide smooth torque.
● Quick positioning and locking mount / demount arm.
● Hydraulic sliding carriage for positioning, bead loosening, mounting, and demounting procedures.
● Single piece frame for superior rigidity.
● Hydraulically operated spreader-type jaws ensure secure clamping of virtually all rims and off-road style wheels.
● Massive chuck spindle handles the heaviest loads.
● Sturdy spindle, chuck and mount-demount head hydraulically rotates, raises, and lowers with simple operator controls.
● Simple design is easy to use.
● Very gentle on over-the-road tires and tubeless tires mounted on aluminum wheels.