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RP-2305 Four Wheel Alignment

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Five Advantages:
● Greater range, higher accuracy.
● Against light and radio wave interference.
● Parameters are more comprehensive, and functions are more powerful.
● Upgrade more easy, convenient and timely.
● System more stable and easier maintenance.
● Internal dual core processor (DSP & CPLD). Strong-light proof.
● Enhanced BLUETOOTH2.0 wireless communication system. The most efficient frequency can be automatically selected without interference.
● 8 beam 50 degree wide-angle CCD measured wider, faster treatment.
● Equipped with Bluetooth remote control displayer, more flexible and handy in operation.
● Comprehensive special measurement capabilities to measure Tread difference, wheelbase difference, can be directly carried out ultra-low chassis, the A6/B5 cars toe-in curve.
● With front wheel alignment function, can do quick alignment.
● Intelligent power management technology, Sensor alarm and automatic power-off protection function, which could greatly extend the battery life.
● Free exchange of a single sensor without calibration.
● Sensor accuracy inaccurate automatic alarm function.
● Database network upgrade. Users can add custom data to the database, and the upgrade will not change the original customer data.
● Auto express recovery computer system with black box diagnostic function.
● With other basic conventional features (e-level, multi-language options, adjust animation, etc.)