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RP-2307-Ⅰ Truck Wheel Alignment

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● Internal dual core processor (DSP & CPLD). Strong-light proof.
● With two speedy and high-accuracy digital dynamic videophotographing the taget boards clamped among four wheels, tht digital singals of detected automobile four-wheel location will be measured accurately by computers through three-dimensional images.
● Accurate decentered compensation can be achieved only by lifting or lowering the automibiles once, or putting forward or pulling back the automobiles, so as to conduct speedy mersuring.
● Machines are demarated when leaving factories. Use after spot installment. No regular demaration during long-term use.
● Various 3D imitation adjustment guidances enables mechanics to master the maintainace skills easily.
● Configuring direction adjustment, which enables the steering wheels not to be hemilateral without adjusting backward or forward angles.
● Functions of measuring wheelbase, gaps between wheelbase, tread and gaps between treads enable mechanics to know clearly the situation of underpans.
● Luxurious special-purpose cabinet.
● Retrieves Four-wheel Alignment data fast, long-term free renewal data.
● English and Chinese versions provided.